In the 21st century, genetic experiments performed by pharmaceutical researchers lead to a variety of new expressions of previously unknown traits. All known diseases were cured, but this was not enough. Given leeway for their role in curing disease, corporations began splicing in traits from other animals, enhancing perception, strength and durability of humanity. Average humans benefitting from the research thanked these brave volunteers. Until they began to have children. The new "gene-alt" generation had broken free of Darwin's limits, and mankind became afraid.

New laws were introduced to control what were thought to be dangerous mutations. Internment camps were opened and walls were built. At the dawn of the 22nd century, the nation was divided on this treatment of humans. America was decimated by a new civil war. The nation turned to the wealth of corporations who had benefitted from the technology to rebuild. Now, oligarchs rule over walled city-states surrounded by chaotic wasteland.

You are part of a movement pitting corporations against one another, and you have been entrusted to deliver incriminating evidence from one walled-in megacity to another. All you have to do is survive the wasteland...


Download 43 MB
ResistJamEndlessWasteland.exe 17 MB


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I like the general idea here! I couldn't manage to get to the goal though; seems like the only way to get enough food and water is to luck into the right encounters.

Thanks so much! Yeah we had the problem of it being too easy, and then I modified it along with making the map work differently and went WAY TOO FAR in the other direction, but we're working on it! =)